Expo Cas was held for the first time in 1994 at the former John F. Kennedy school.

The idea behind it was to organize an Expo which allowed the general public to find, build or transform their present abode into their “dream home”.

In the beginning, just a few companies participated, but as the years past Expo Cas progressed and has become one of the biggest Expos on the island, giving an ample list of exhibitors the opportunity to showcase their products & services.





Clean Master was founded in 1997which creates an awareness to maintain the island of Aruba and its surroundings “clean”. As a well-established company and with more than 15 years of experience, Clean Master offers a trash bin which can be adopted by any local company. The bin carries a full color advertisement on the side and can be positioned in gathered places or high traffic areas, giving the company plenty of opportunity to advertise their business and reach their customers.





Aruba Blue Pages a well know classified telephone directory, was taken under the wings of Multi Media International N.V. in 2001. This provides the Aruban community with the most complete database of the Aruban Commerce right at their fingertips. Not only is the book small and practical which enables you to carry it practically everywhere but the well planned layout and presentation gives you the quickest and most effective method of finding the information you are looking for. The Aruba Blue Pages website was recently launched, offering all of the books advantages on the go. The website can be accessed on all devices such as desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones at

 was introduced to the Multi Media International Family in 2007. As the biggest Real Estate Portal on Aruba, provides individuals as well as independent brokers the service of posting their properties they are selling or renting. also makes it easier for the potential house buyer/renter to find what they are looking for, thanks to the way the online real estate overview is presented.





Another newcomer is, which became a reality in 2011. is an online marketplace that allows sellers to list and sell their cars, motorcycles or boats. The powerful search engine allows you to look up vehicles by either year, brand or model; just to name a few. This makes the process of finding a used vehicle easier than ever before.





In March of 2011 was launched as the premiere search engine of Aruba. Everybody uses a search engine on a daily basis and it can be very frustrating and a waste of your valuable time to end up with cluttered results that has nothing to do with what you have searched for in the first place. That’s what lead to the creation of; a unique search engine specially designed for Aruba. filters all that junk and only shows specific results that has to do only with Aruba. You are also able to find information of the local news, weather, arrivals & departures and the Papiamento Vocabulary.





Expo Beauty & Health was first held in 2012 by Multi Media International N.V. Over the years people have become more and more conscious about their health and personal care, and that’s where the idea was born. This event is a 3 day Expo showcasing the latest beauty trends, products, treatments, ideas and equipment from renowned brands, suppliers and artists.